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Contiki Alternatives

Travel is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and going with a group on a set itinerary can be a great way to start if you’ve never travelled solo before.¬†Contiki is a company which runs group bus trips all over the world – the format is simple: Get on a bus, see […]

Travel Writing: Share Your Stories and Earn

Want to earn a bit of extra cash while you’re backpacking? Do you have experience writing? We’ll pay you for your tips and stories!¬†All of the content on this website is written by real backpackers while they’re on a big trip – we ran out of things to say a long time ago, so pay […]

Working In Hostels – The Ultimate Guide

As hostels are the beginning and end of most of the crazy stories that backpackers have, most fantasize about one day owning a hostel, or at least working in one. Hostels are a very legitimate source of work while on the road, are a lot of fun (even when you’re on the other side of […]

Packing Like A Pro (A guy’s perspective)

Guys, you’re going to hear it a million times – when packing for a backpacking trip you should pack what you think is the absolute minimum then throw away half of it. This advice is bullshit. If you pack what you think you need, you’re going to end up dragging a bunch of stuff you […]

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