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Alec is a London-based kiwi, dedicated broke traveller, digital marketer, and all-round nice guy. You can get hold of him by emailing him, tweeting him @KiwiAlec, or by walking around London and calling out his name.

How I became a minor celebrity; A warning to travellers going to India.

I recently travelled to south west India to attend the wedding of one of my friends, along with 15 other friends from across Europe. By the end of our three weeks there, we were all good friends and minor celebrities – it turns out that tourists generally don’t venture too far away from the established […]

Famous Landmarks vs. Abandoned Ruins

Imagine, if you will, a famous landmark that you’ve never been to – an ancient ruin perhaps, or one of the newer wonders of the world Most people imagine the romanticized and pristine locations that we see in the movies – beautiful and perfect snippets of history. Something like this –   But when they […]

Major backpacker hostel booking sites

What are the best hostel booking sites? Here are three of the more popular options in the European backpackingĀ circuit: HostelWorld is the current market leader in hostel bookings. They deliver (anecdotally) 90% of all agency bookings to hostels, and hence, have a lot of power. Because of their large user base, HostelWorld usually has a […]

Should I book a hostel

… or just show up? Whether to book ahead, or simply show up unannounced at a hostel is one of the main issues facing backpackers. On one hand, prices may be cheaper online, and the cheapest beds may get booked out days before you arrive; but on the other, booking means inflexibility, and the risk […]

5 Tips for Travelling the Southwest on a Budget

Travelling across the Southwest can be a lot of fun. The Southwest includes a vast land that has endless potential for adventures and exploration. Ideal for road trips, the Southwest offers an impressive array of historical sites, beautiful national parks and of course, the glittering jewel of the desert: Las Vegas. However, visiting the Southwest […]

Barcelona on a shoestring

The beauty of Barcelona holidays is that there are so many attractions and amusements to be found by just walking through the city, you can experience the culture and atmosphere without breaking the bank! Here’s our guide to the best ways to see Barcelona on a budget. Explore the city Exploring the city can take […]

European Backpacking Budget

How much money does it cost to backpack around Europe? This is one of the main questions I’m asked by would-be backpackers. Obviously, it’ll cost however much you spend, but here are some rough estimates for a budget backpacker – while staying in hostels, eating from supermarkets, using public transport, and staying away from the […]

Sleeping rough

Can’t afford a hostel? You just might be the definition of homeless. Sleeping ‘rough’ can be dangerous or illegal, and at the very least, you won’t get a fantastic nights’ sleep. Don’t worry though – if you look and act like a foreigner, the locals are normally more than happy to help you out. Without […]

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