Major backpacker hostel booking sites

What are the best hostel booking sites? Here are three of the more popular options in the European backpackingĀ circuit:

HostelWorld is the current market leader in hostel bookings. They deliver (anecdotally) 90% of all agency bookings to hostels, and hence, have a lot of power. Because of their large user base, HostelWorld usually has a lot of reviews and ratings of hostels that can help you in choosing the best hostel (and can also warn you of a recent bed bug outbreak); Your bookings to HostelWorld are almost alway guaranteed because hostels are scared of the power HostelWorld have – if a hostel gets half of its business from HW bookings, they can’t afford to be kicked off of the network for not honoring bookings. Because of their position, HostelWorld tend to impose expensive fees on hostels, and is generally the most expensive booking engine to use – they also have a large network of other sites pimping their beds for the same price – i.e. Lonely Planet, Ryanair, and many others. If you do decide to book through HostelWorld, use our HostelWorld Coupon Code tool to save money on your booking.


HostelBookers was acquired by HostelWorld in August 2o13. The below description is now completely redundant – these are now essentially the same website.

HostelBookers anecdotally takes second place to HostelWorld. They have most of the hostels that HostelWorld does, and are usually at the same or better prices. They match all of HostelWorld’s features, the main advantage being that HostelBookers doesn’t charge any booking fees, and the downside being that as they don’t have as many users, the amount of reviews and ratings for each hostel is significantly lower/more out of date. If you end up going with HostelBookers, swing by our HostelBookers Voucher page to save a little extra!

GoMio was originally started by a group of hostels, with the intention of cutting out the massive profits that other booking engines were (and still are) taking from them. After struggling for many years, it was eventually brought out by one of the owners, and has now been relaunched. It has a unique interface and is attempting to jump on to the social network bandwagon; With a significantly lower amount of hostels than the above booking engines, you might not find all of the hostels you would elsewhere, but you will find the bigger ones, and with better pricing and terms (both for you and the hostel) than other booking engines.

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