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We’ve got some great stories to tell you – all about the best places to backpack, the worst, and our general opinions of cities.

These are by no means unbiased – these are our stories.. the events, the parties, the love and loss; take from them what you will, then share your stories!

Tagine Trouble in Marrakesh

Ask anybody who hasn’t visited Morocco, what the local cuisine consists of, and most people will guess at Tagines, dates and a lot of meat. Ask anybody who has visited Morocco, and they will tell you…well, pretty much exactly the same. Marrakesh is a city where old world meets new world, where cool mosques back […]

Why There Is So Much More To Laos Than Vang Vieng

It must be pretty tough for Laos, being sandwiched between the SE Asian giants of Thailand and Vietnam; then there’s Cambodia coming up the rear, stealing any chance of a coastline. As a result, landlocked Laos has instead drawn backpackers to her rivers, particularly the Nam Song in the small town of Vang Vieng- tubing, […]

An Alternative Olympics: Naadam Festival, Mongolia

Cut back to mid-July: Londoners everywhere were getting excited/worried/generally worked up about the Olympics coming to their home city. The Londoner writing this article, however, was instead experiencing an unusual sporting event elsewhere in the world. Archers, wrestlers, horse jockeys and anklebone throwers (what, you’ve never met one of those?) are the sporting sensations of […]

Cape Reinga to the Bluff: Driving across New Zealand

This is a guest post, written by the guys at TransferCar – mainly because I like their company (free car hire in NZ!).  Taking on the ‘top to bottom’ drive through New Zealand isn’t something that anyone should take lightly. It is a grueling and demanding drive that will challenge you mentally and physically – especially […]

Bodrum: Tips you won’t find in any guidebook

Bodrum’s a nice place to begin or end a Turkish holiday – while it’s full of tourists on package-holidays, there are some gems that most people miss out on, such as: Best place for a beer Romantic: Take a walk up to the windmills to watch the sunset Party: Check out the beach on the […]

Amsterdam, The Netherlands City Guide

It’s a thing of beauty and the life of the party. Its reputation precedes it by several miles. It is the incomparable Amsterdam. The Amsterdam we all hear about, the Amsterdam that draws flocks of college kids every year, is the ultimate illicit fun vacation: everything you wouldn’t want to write home to mom about. […]

How I became a minor celebrity; A warning to travellers going to India.

I recently travelled to south west India to attend the wedding of one of my friends, along with 15 other friends from across Europe. By the end of our three weeks there, we were all good friends and minor celebrities – it turns out that tourists generally don’t venture too far away from the established […]

5 Tips for Travelling the Southwest on a Budget

Travelling across the Southwest can be a lot of fun. The Southwest includes a vast land that has endless potential for adventures and exploration. Ideal for road trips, the Southwest offers an impressive array of historical sites, beautiful national parks and of course, the glittering jewel of the desert: Las Vegas. However, visiting the Southwest […]

Barcelona on a shoestring

The beauty of Barcelona holidays is that there are so many attractions and amusements to be found by just walking through the city, you can experience the culture and atmosphere without breaking the bank! Here’s our guide to the best ways to see Barcelona on a budget. Explore the city Exploring the city can take […]