Bodrum: Tips you won’t find in any guidebook

Bodrum: Tips you won’t find in any guidebook

Bodrum’s a nice place to begin or end a Turkish holiday – while it’s full of tourists on package-holidays, there are some gems that most people miss out on, such as:

Best place for a beer

  • Romantic: Take a walk up to the windmills to watch the sunset
  • Party: Check out the beach on the east end of town – it’s perfect for both a quiet drink on the sand, or a night of full-on clubbing.

Kebabs: Don’t order any from your hotel (there have been far too many “donkey meat” scandals for that). Instead head to Bodrum village where you’ll find many wood-fire kitchens making the best kebabs in all of Turkey.

Meet a girl (or guy) in a club? Skinny dipping is fairly common on each end of the beach. Be adventurous (just don’t get caught!)

Cheapest stuff: Skip the shops and head directly to the market above the bus station

Be a DJ for the night: Bodrum Backpackers has a basement club which only gets used a few nights a year. Talk to the owner, invite everyone you meet, and party the night away in your own private club.

Greek Island Adventure: A return trip to the greek island of Kos is the same price as a single – either head there for a day trip, or arrange to give your return ticket to someone on the other end. If coming in to Bodrum from Kos buy some alcohol at duty free – it’s quite expensive in Turkey – if you don’t drink, you won’t have trouble flipping it at a profit.

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  1. Roving Jay November 15, 2012

    Right opposite the Bodrum Backpackers hostel is a book shop, and they sell second hand English paperbacks.